Today’s a great day because with this review Popcorn Explorer officially takes off. I thought and I decided to kick start my reviews with probably the best movie I’ve ever watched.
To me, movie connoisseurs and Marvel fan’s this masterpiece from The Russo brothers is a long overdue love letter. This is because if you’ve been following Kevin Feige and his well-crafted MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) this movie rewards you for you constant follow up because of the time travel sequences by visiting Thor: The dark world (2013), The Avenger’s (2012) and even earlier times in MCU history. Some people say the beginning is a bit boring, it amuses me because for Marvel followers they understand that some things said and references made are what only they can understand to close some of the plotholes in previous movies. Endgame makes you have agreater appreciation for previous Titles like Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, especially the former because somethings that seemed meaningless or of little importance back then are justified here. For those that just watched it like any other superhero movie only the first 30 minutes and the final about over an hour of the movie was made for them.

Infinity War was a great movie, but this movie was on another level. All theories on what to expect were thrown out the window as the movie began to evolve from one scene to another. Marvel studios once more showing us how the much the Superhero genre is much more evolved than what the competition has to offer, mighty heroes were at an all-time low. Showing that as powerful or different they may seem from us they have feelings and emotions like we do, unlike the Robot-like heroes we usually see from other superhero production companies. It tells us that as much as we would love to be like them they are very much like us. The Villain Thanos once again played by the spectacular Josh Brolin also isn’t the power hungry egotistical maniac we usually see but he had a very logical basis for doing everything, he even turned out to be loved (even by me). For a movie with so many stars and such a long screen time to have a plot so well written and executed to so much perfection is quite rare. Going into Visual effects, Screen writing and other behind the scene work would be a definite waste of time because work so good should only be appreciated with pure silence. 

Finally, this movie is another great example of Marvel Studios taking superhero movies to another level. If you’re a Thanos lover like I am, the so called Mad Titan (I think that’s an exaggeration) pushes Iron man, Thor and most especially Captain America to the heights of battle to produce without mincing words as at the time of writing the most exhilarating action sequence I’ve ever seen. There are things I hate seeing when I go see a movie like talking, shouting, clapping, wooing, calling names of actor, people that ask or answer questions, standing and most especially people that give nonsense explanations to others but I broke like 3 of my rules that day, because I didn’t know when I started screaming, clapping and waving that day that just tells you how good the Final battle was. But after that comes sadness though because Tony stark sacrifices himself for the universe and Natasha Romanov a.k.a. Black Widow who had sacrificed herself earlier in the movie both get funerals.

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