A supposedly dead billionaire assembles a team of 5 other supposedly dead highly skilled operatives in different areas as ghosts to try and change the world while leaving no traces behind.


 It’s not a movie with overwhelmingly great writing but it’s fairly enjoyable probably one to watch just to chill and pass the time. While 6 Underground is not the best action movie out there bu with Ryan Reynolds’ comic input, fun but intense action scenes and Michael Bays legacy of always blowing a whole lot of things up it’s not great but not bad at all. The writers had the idea but really didn’t really know how to make it count.

 I understand people’s grievances though, for a reportedly $150 million movie at times it’s just like Michael Bay wasted it all by blowing everything up like an episode of mythbusters. A few things they did put that hefty budget to good use for though were the CGI, stunts and locations. The CGI is clean and smooth, well executed stunts and nice locations Michael Bay did get those right. After a month it was said to have had about 83 million members one of Netflix's best for an original title although I’m sure Ryan Reynolds had something to do with that because I doubt if anyone saw it more than once.

It could have been a better movie but at the end of the day “it is, what it is” an action packed, plot-less, big budget, blockbuster-like digital release that is very watchable but didn’t live up to the marketing.

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