The widow of a Mexican Drug Lord and her son are on a revenge mission to kill all those involved in his trial, including Miami Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith). After Mike is almost killed he teams up with his old partner Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and AMMO; a special tactical squad. Though the Old-school partners and their new elite counterparts go about their businesses very differently they put those differences aside as they must get along to take down the deadly Cartel that threatens their life.


I actually saw this movie with my sister and for the both of us it was safe to say Bad boys for life is a worthy sequel to the franchise’s past two movies, they did well in retaining it’s very enjoyable action and humor. Even though it’s just one bad boy now seeing as Marcus is more cautious than ever because unlike his partner he has something to lose (a family), he produces most of the laughable moments in the movie. It’s almost been 17 years since the release of Bad Boys 2 and Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s chemistry on the movie were as if it were just another episode of a TV series that aired last week. Quite frankly all-round majority of the cast did well in their roles.

The major criticism towards the movie the plot compared to its predecessors, something I can’t really relate to because even the past movies didn’t have jaw dropping plots. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying the story is magnificent or anything close to that but anytime a movie has a reboot or sequel after a really long time there’s always a nostalgic bias in favour of the older one. 

Also in a period where Reboots or long awaited sequels have done very poorly commercially (Charlie’s Angels comes to mind even though the movie wasn’t that bad) I think everyone involved in the production of this movie can feel pretty good about themselves because not only did most people like it, it did very well in the Box which is a big win in my opinion.

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