Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is a 51-year-old elite contract killer, after deciding to call it quits while he was ahead of his age, he finds himself the target of secret operative who have cloned him to make a younger and faster version of him. And the clone sent to kill him.


Gemini Man is not really that movie you’d want to see a couple of times in truth, David Beinoff once again shows us that while he might be good at adapting stories he’s bad at writing an original. Will Smith tries his best mask it’s inadequacies but the writing is a bit lousy. There are a few things that are usually referenced casually in movies so when they come back later the bigger picture makes it all the more satisfying but here they’re so weirdly put you just know there’s a future reference coming like the “bees” reference.

Well while some might like it mostly Will Smith fans really, Gemini man doesn’t really provide anything memorable or the Will Smith effect on cinema that his previous sci fi movies like Hancock, iRobot and Men in Black have had. It was supposed to be super assassin vs super assassin but it’s more like Fresh Prince VS Stale King.

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