After her off screen breakup with the joker, Harley Quinn(Margot Robbie) finds herself the target of various enemies who want her dead because she no longer has his protection. Prominently evil crime lord Black Mask(Ewan McGregor), forcing her to team with Huntress(Helena Bertinelli in movie), Black Canary(Dinah Lance in movie) and Detective Renee Montoya (Mary Elizabeth, Jurnee Smolett-Bell, Rosie Perez respectively) to save their lives and that of young Cassandra Cain who is also on Black Mask’s radar after stealing his precious diamond.



Initially named “Birds of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn” but changed after release says a lot about the confused nature of this movie. The best word for this movie is bland because it hardly ever takes flight or dazzles you in anyway. The movie was supposed to an action/comedy-styled female anti-hero team up but it’s all about Harley Quinn hence the name change.
The writing was so bad that the real hero in this movie is Margot Robbie who continuously tries to breathe life into a character and story that didn’t have any. To be honest the writers had nothing to write hence the actors had nothing to act. Many characters had ridiculous grievances and motivation, the jokes didn’t hit, all the fight scenes were in slow motion and overemphasized. How does one fight guns with toys? Even The Joker’s toys are highly fatal and in the comics and animations she also has similar badass weapons too meanwhile Harley’s here are domestic items like a confetti canon, mallet and baseball bat which she quite easily uses to beat up supposedly highly skilled and armed gunmen.

Also, the take on feminism in this movie is very terrible, I don’t think feminism means bringing down one gender so the other can thrive. The movie basically tells young girls that either you have a powerful man to protect you or be a bad person so you can be feared or respected yourself. Probably every single man in this movie bar the one that helped young Huntress is painted as a piece of shit. It’s as if the bottom-line of the movie is “Men are scum”. Sad thing is even the women that are supposed to be celebrated in the movie are cast in poor light young Cassandra Cain is a thief and a pick pocket, Detective Montoya is a drunk, Harley Quinn is just a terrible person all together.
On a final note, this isn’t the movie you’d want to watch multiple times. It’s only fairly enjoyable, story lacked focus and only a few actors did great. Set in the same universe as that of the 2016 flop Suicide Squad it’s safe to say that movie is more watchable now after seeing Birds of Prey and that itself speaks volumes.

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