LIKE A BOSS (2020)

Two friends Mia (Tiffany Haddish) and Mel (Rose Byrne) have a beauty company, though friends from childhood they have different ideals about life. After finding out that they’re in debt financially a business mogul gives them a buyout offer that puts their lifelong friendship to the test.


Like a boss gets to a point where it is just so predictable, for a comedy its quite unfunny and uninteresting with dry jokes and pointless humor which is quite surprising given the very talented cast. There are some movies you just finish because you were really interested in prior to watching it and Like a boss is honestly one of them.

Mia and Mel are supposedly childhood friends but their chemistry is just off, it’s understandable that people are different and even close friends have different ideal but there’s always chemistry which their on-screen friendship lacked.

The most painful thing about the movie is that it’s supposed to be a comedy but it doesn’t really entertain. Rolling stone reporter wrote “What we have here is comedy on life support, with Haddish and Byrne valiantly performing futile acts of resuscitation. Sorry to report: The patients died” which is both true and sadly more hilarious than most, if not all the jokes in the movie. 

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