MY SPY (2020)

CIA agent JJ (Dave Bautista) is demoted because while he is very skilled with weapons and in combat he isn’t really good at blending in and has no people skills. That all changes when he is discovered by Sophie (Chloe Coleman), the quite precocious 9-year-old daughter of the family he’s supposed to be surveilling and in return for her silence she forces JJ to teach her how to be a spy.


My spy is fairly enjoyable, while it stems from a kind of story that we’ve seen countless times it is a bit different from being too family friendly with nice action and very mild and well put cursing. Dave Bautista did do pretty well though considering he had to form three kinds of relationships here. 
Firstly, with Chloe Coleman character sophie as kind of a mentor and are very good together, kind of cute I must say. With Bobbi (Kristen Schaal) who is his CIA partner and give some refreshing humour and Kate Sophie’s mum (Parisa Fitz-Henley) with whom they have a romantic relationship.

It is nowhere near perfect though as seen in the movie JJ who is painted as a hard guy buts sometimes acts like a dummy and Chloe is like every “too smart for your own good kid” in an action-comedy. But watching this movie in quarantine it’s was quite nice and one both the young and old can sit back and enjoy. Don’t expect a jaw dropping plot though in that area it’s pretty much the same washed up and over used storyline.

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