Choosing to settle on earth after escaping from a tribe who were after him for his powers, Sonic is a hedgehog with incredible speed who has been under the radar on Earth. That is until he accidentally knocks out the power grid attracting the attention of evil genius Dr. Robotnik. Sonic is now in for the race of his life as he is chased around the globe by Dr. Robotnik who will stop at nothing to capture and utilize Sonic’s power on his quest for total world domination.


In my honest opinion this movie would have been better of as an animation because it didn’t really have the maturity of an actual movie. It was cliché, predictable and cheesy to say the least. One thing they did well though was it’s connection to the video game, for example there was a sensible logic for the rings.

Initially, it was a battle of which would be the better movie between this and Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. Well for me it’s definitely the latter, not that The Pokemon movie was perfect but it did the main thing this movie failed to; draw the line between being humourous and being childish. After seeing this movie it was like they were both made for different age groups. One thing they both had though was that crazy person, I’ve always thought and referred to Ryan Reynolds as the modern day Jim carrey and seeing them act in similarly styled movies was really exciting for me. But even Jim Carrey’s brilliant performance (best in the movie by miles) is not enough to mask the obvious flaws of this movie.

Finally, with the end of this movie obviously hinting at a sequel and it’s good commercial performance, if the sequel were to happen they had better come up with something way better than this because they might not be lucky twice.

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