Same day after being released from jail for assaulting his Police chief, said chief and another officer are murdered. While he’s not a major suspect Spenser (Mark Wahlberg) isn’t really satisfied with the murders being just a mere coincide and with the help of his roommate Hawk(Winston Duke), they investigate the murders and take down those involved.


This is definitely one of those movies where the ratings dot really tell the full story. With a cast of Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke on a Netflix movie no one is asking for and Oscar’s winner, we just want enjoyable which we get in loads. The writers aren’t bringing any “rabbits out of the hat” with the script but they did keep me thoroughly entertained with a familiar cast, a blend of well immersed humor and Let’s not forget Post Malone’s two scenes. Who wouldn’t want to see Post Malone getting into a fight with Mark Wahlberg and leave a shiv in his body?

To be honest after seeing the ratings I was very skeptical but it’s safe to say now that Spenser Confidential to me is just another victim of The Anti-Netflix campaign because it delivers as promised, more than promised for me considering the amount of underwhelming movies in same genre released in recent years. If you want to see a movie that you’ll enjoy most parts of and won’t make you think too much till you need an aspirin or have many serious questions about plot holes and what not then it’s for you but if you’re looking for an Emmy or Golden Globe winner…

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