LONG SHOT (2019)

Fred Flarsky a bright and free-spirited journalist with a talent for always landing himself in trouble unexpectedly bumps into his childhood babysitter and crush Charlotte Field, one of the most influential women in the world. After Charlotte’s decides to run for presidency she decides to hire Fred as her speechwriter, much to the dismay of her advisers and sparks begin to fly.


Well, it’s safe to say Seth Rogen strikes again. When Seth Rogen is a lead character you can expect nothing less than stupid, gut-busting humour and Long Shot didn’t disappoint. To be honest I feel I shouldn’t have been the best person to review this movie because the two major characters are played by two of my favourite actors one mentioned the other Charlize Theron. As a woman who has acted many different roles flawlessly I think she best fits in the romantic comedy scene like she did excellently well in 1000 ways to die in the west, a dying genre I must say not because it doesn’t have a lot of new releases but because it doesn’t have a lot of quality releases.

Long shot is not all laugh though it has a very good plot, some might say far-fetched or a bit dreamy but we live in a time when comic book stories rake in billions of dollars in the box office if we wanted simply reality we would just stare out our windows and watch people walk by. It not only empowers females and help give young girls the encouragement that they can achieve anything the opposite gender can but also sheds some light on the different treatment from men and women in the workforce.

On a final note I think Long shot is a must watch, it is just very enjoyable for people of all ages. Humour, tight plot, fantastic leads and great supporting cast. It is also a bit wishful at the end but isn’t that how a perfect democracy should be where everyone regardless of gender and race everyone should be able to run for office. Plus we got we got a glimpse of how it would be to have The First Mister in The United States.

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