When things reach a tipping point in their relationship couple Leilani and Jibran decide to call it quits. That is until they’re unintentionally involved in a murder mystery, now they’re stuck with each other at least until they can clear their names.


Hmmm, movies such as this are often difficult to review because while it is enjoyable and comical my job is to review it not on how fun it was but on how good it was. And while I did enjoy some moments in the movie I don’t think it is scoring much in terms of how good it is, the plot isn’t winning any awards either. It is one of those movies you watch in your spare time, enjoy some funny moments just so you can say “yes” when you are asked if you’ve seen it.

Before I eventually saw this movie I checked some ratings and I just lowered my expectations and it surprised me I can’t lie. It was better than what I expected but is not the best comedy out there either, I saw somewhere when someone wrote “right ingredients, wrong quantities” and to be honest I couldn’t have phrased this movie any better. It was like just get two funny actors and the rest will take care of itself. The supporting cast is more “supporting” than “cast” they could’ve gotten extras to do their job because they hardly did anything. Also, while Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae are great actors in their own rites their chemistry is far from perfect.

My biggest grievance with this movie were probably the terrible choices the two main characters made. Probably, only a single couple out of 10 if not 20 would make some of the decisions they made and a lot of things could’ve just been avoided. It was like they forget how it would actually be in a real world scenario. Two things I want to point out just off the top of my head are how come the police didn’t pay a visit or make a call to any of their friends to know their whereabouts and secondly does no one watch the news in the movie? One thing I know from crime movies is that the news is always very important that’s like the 101 of anyone running from the law. The couple, their friends, the diner they visited and everyone they interacted with don’t have access to the news? Not to forget that Leilani was depicted earlier on in the movie as someone who is addicted to her phone how come she doesn’t check to see what the news had to say about her.

Lastly, I think this movie didn’t take flight at all and Kumail and Issa’s talents alone couldn’t shoulder some lackluster writing. It is worth seeing though but don’t over expect, you’ve probably heard this from me before but I’ll say it again this movie isn’t winning any Oscar’s and to be honest I don’t think that was in their plans to start with.

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