Cristi, a Romanian policeman also working for the mafia goes to an island called La Gomera to learn an ancient whistling language so he can communicate with the criminals while he’s under surveillance from the police. The goal; to found out where a criminal, Zsolst who is in police custody stashed $30 million. When he rekindles his love with an old flame who is also involved in all this his priority changes and he most navigate deceit from people from both sides in a highly calculated game of cops vs robbers.


First thing that’s needed to be said is this movie isn’t going to be enjoyed by everyone, even for those who will enjoy it, they might find it difficult to explain what they just witnessed because this movie will leave you more confused than the actual characters in it. It had a very good plot but not very straightforward, it’s a total roller-coaster, probably very different from most movies you’ve seen in recent times. But it’s nice as you won’t really know what to expect.

It takes a while to get going, generally it’s a dull and slow paced movie in terms of its cinematography. The originality of the script cannot be overemphasized; it is similar to Tarantino movies but with a dull demeanor. The acting is very very good (permit me to use very twice) I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Romanian movie prior to this but I think I’ll be on the lookout henceforth.

The Whistlers is rewarding for those who can stick with it to the end, due to its very timely coming together. I think if the writer had let another person direct it would have been a masterpiece, would’ve probably untangled some of the unclear parts of the plot because when you check the ratings the big sites think it’s good but the audiences seem confused and their feedback is mixed even the always positive Google users review is in the 60’s. It was that movie that was meant to be but just fell a little short.

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