It all goes wrong when Tim Morris invites the wrong Missy to his company’s work retreat to Hawaii. Realizing too late that the woman he invited was from a disastrous blind date he’s forced to go on the trip with her.


I was quite invested in this movie to start with, it was all going well and quite funny until it got to the point he made the mistake and I just lost all interest. It was so obvious what would go on afterwards, I closed the movie and watched something else because it’s something I’ve seen one too many times. Later I decided to see it through maybe it’d surprise me, well I’m sorry to say it panned out exactly as I imagined. 

Even with its overused story the movie has some laughable moments, with some good jokes and a funny cast this is one of those movies you just relax, watch and forget. Especially in this tough days it is like an escape from reality. There isn’t much of a talking point but don’t let the ratings sway you some of the very critical reviews are pretty much down to the general Netflix hate, it isn’t a bad movie but it is nowhere near perfect either.

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