365 DNI (2020)

Massimo, a member of The Sicilian mafia family kidnaps Laura who is on a trip to Sicily trying to salvage her relationship. Massimo kidnaps Laura and gives an ultimatum which is if she doesn’t fall in love with him in 365 he will let her go.


You’d have to wonder what whoever wrote this script was thinking when they did. They practically highlighted how a relationship should not be and tried to make it look good. To be honest after seeing this movie you just think to yourself “this is about two hours of my life that I can never have back”. It was like a porn director decided to try their hands on movie making. The acting was bad, the script was terrible and the musical score which at least is supposed to be an easier job was utter nonsense. The music didn’t fit the scenes at all, it was someone just put their playlist on shuffle and let any song play.

I believe I said it before but I feel I need to reiterate the plot of this movie is terrible, you have a guy who has everything he wants forcefully. After making an air hostess forcefully pleasure him they show her cleaning her mouth and smiling happily with upbeat music playing, why? is it some kind of honour to give him head or what? Then we have a lady who doesn’t know what she wants, your Polish boyfriend attends her birthday party with cargo shorts while she is beautifully dressed and you didn’t see any red flag. She is captured and initially resists and wants to run away but after he starts showering her with luxury things her will to run away dies then she’s confused whether to give in to him or not. She eventually gives in to him and forgets about the friends and family she had been saying she wants to go back to, I guess money can buy love after all.

Then there’s Massimo again misogynist abuser and for some reason they try to put him in a good light. He kills a man who is working for him when he found out the man was trafficking women and tells the woman that is his captive that he is against what the man did, the irony. This guy didn’t only do things that were morally wrong he commits several crimes against humanity and I’m talking about things that have nothing to do with his mafia business. And don’t get me started on his very annoying “Are you lost baby girl?” phrase because the only thing lost here is the purpose of this movie. They try to use his father dying as an excuse for his to be a terrible person like he’s the first person who has a parent that is dead, you’re almost dead and you see the face of a woman who you’ve never met up to the point you’re obsessed with her and have paintings of her all over house who drew them? After seeing this it was like the message they were trying to pass was “if someone doesn’t love you then you force them to” You kidnap, tie them up, shower them with gifts and eventually they will give in.

If I start talking about everything not only bad but terrible about this movie then firstly the review would be a book long and I know I’ve talked about a lot but trust me, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Also, I would give out too many spoilers and lastly, the more I wrote the more I felt like reducing the rating. You can see it but don’t think maybe you’ll enjoy it except you just want soft porn and you just want to skip through the dialogues but even at that don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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