Netflix are always making major moves and are currently showing no signs of slowing down. With streaming become more and more popular around the world streaming services are able to ‘splash the cash’ on non-cinematic movies. Such an example is the hefty $200 million budget for this spy movie with movie producers favouring movies by streaming services because of their willingness to cut big cheques. This will also be Nextflx's biggest ever budget for a film.

 ‘The Gray Man’ is an adaptation of Mark Greaney bestselling book series about an ex-CIA operative turned hired assassin Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling) as he’s chased by an ex-colleague turned nemesis Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans). Reports from Deadline suggests that the movie is going to be the first in a series of movies that will be on a “James Bond level of scale”.

Anthony and Joe Russo who are already familiar with Chris Evans after working with him on Captain America: Civil War and the last two Avengers movies Infinity War and Endgame are said to already be working on the script with the assistance of screenwriting duo Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely with whom they made Avengers: Endgame with.

In an interview with Deadline Anthony Russo told them: “The movie is a real mano a mano between those two great actors who represent two different versions of the CIA, in what it can be, and what it can do. For those who were fans of Captain America: Winter Soldier, this is us moving into that territory in more of a real-world setting. That’s what this movie really means for us.”

Joe Russo added: “The intention is for it to be competitive with any theatrical, and the ability to do that with Gosling and Evans is a dream for us. The idea is to create a franchise and build out a whole universe, with Ryan at the centre of it.”

“We have all committed to the first movie, and that’s got to be great to get us to the second movie. These are master assassins, and Gosling’s character gets burned by the CIA and Evans’ character has to hunt him down.”

While there is no exact release date for the movie yet Deadline suggest that hopefully production will kickoff by January 2021, while many factors have to be considered for production to start so early if anyone can pull it off though it is The Russo’s. if they do start production by January then it should be expected to hit streaming service Netflix by the spring or summer of 2022.

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