A Democratic Party strategist Garry Zimmer helps a retired marine Colonel run for Mayor in a small, conservative town in Wisconsin.


Firstly, don’t listen to the critics. Well I’m kind of a critic but you know what I mean. I was very skeptical about this movie when it first came out especially after hearing what some top websites had to say about it. It’s election time in America and all of sudden everyone is critical of everything especially affected with politics. This movie could’ve been released last year or next year and have had way better ratings. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t perfect but it perhaps deserved more than it got in terms of ratings because the audiences and viewers seem to like it but the critics seem to only see everything wrong with it. Some cited wrong timing as a problem, well I think the best time for Americans to get a movie showing them everything wrong with their electoral process is an election year and from the feedback from audience they think so too.

The script by Jon Stewart is very well written, the movie is also well paced and acted with some genuinely funny scenes. It is a comedy after all, it is supposed to make light of serious events in a sensible way and it does so. It isn’t just some all-laugh-and-no-point movie it is also and inside view into the absurd theater that is Politics and believe you me it doesn’t only happen in America. It showed how even a small town election can cause such a big fuss and at the end of the day the people can beat the system if and only if they work together.

In terms of cast the two main characters are Steve Carell and Rose Byrne need I say more? They (permit me to say) “murder” both their roles. The other members of the cast like Mackenzie Davis and Will Sasso also do well, the person in charge of casting did a very good job because even those given small roles do splendidly well.

This movie isn’t perfect and to be honest no movie is, it is a very good movie nonetheless with a very clear message and as for me it is definitely worth watching.

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