Mystery writer Harlan Thrombey mysteriously commits suicide or so everyone thinks, that is except renowned Detective Benoit Blanc who thinks “something is afoot” and every single person in The highly dysfunctional Thrombey family is a suspect. Now, Blanc must navigate through the web of lies but at least he has an asset Harlan Thrombey’s caregiver and closest confidant who cannot lie without vomiting.


Masterpiece, PERIOD! Anyone who has contradicting opinions probably either doesn’t know what a good movie is or is a diehard STAR WARS fan who awkwardly blame Knives out for The Rise of Skywalker’s somewhat mixed reviews as it has been speculated that some boycotted The Rise of Skywalker due to how good Knives out was. One of the best movies I’ve ever watched and I was gutted as to how it escaped my radar when it was released. This movie was so good I watched it went out the next day was thinking about it came home watched it a second time in a bid to finally be satisfied.

Before I eternally go on and on heaping praises on this movie I think I should actually review it. Firstly, there’s a star studded and well-grounded cast comprising of actors like Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lakeith Stanfield and so on, and they deliver with excellent individual performances. Although there had been few critics of Daniel Craig’s change in accent which I personally liked and I think fit his role. The supporting cast also do well, I think Noah Segan had one of the best performances in the movie.

The major aspect of every movie is always the plot, Rian Johnson did a great job with the script. This “Whodunit?” movie actually keeps you interested, from the beginning the cause of death is shown which also acts as a mirage and at the end everything is shown from a different angle. There’s always that feeling where you don’t want the person who caused the death to get caught because it was actually an accident and it also gives you that satisfying ending. We also got to see an actor who is always good and selfless in his recurring role in aca franchise seem good but end up being the bad guy, don’t want to say who but you have two options to choose from.

Finally, I don’t think everything great about this movie can be talked about in a short review. It’s just one of those movies where you just have to see for yourself. It is thoroughly engaging the acting, script, production are top quality. It’s no surprise it won an Oscar and I’ll be on the lookout for more Rian Johnson movies. It is easily one of the best movies in recent times and commercially it also did excellently well, no less than it deserved

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