Follows the events the Miss World 1970 as a team of women hatch a plan to disrupt the occasion in London.


Truly brilliant, this movie is very authentic considering it was adopted from real life events. This is not one of those movies where characteristics of genders are swapped so women just look dominating without actually passing a valuable message all in the guise of feminism nor is it what is classified as a “woke” film these days when men are portrayed as the complete and utter embodiment of evil but actually some enlightenment on a touchy subject that is still a problem in our society today.

This movie is fair in portraying all sides, you see the way things were run back in the 70’s. What some saw as purely business others saw as demeaning and some saw as fulfilling their dreams. To the Women’s Liberations Movement the models were just like mannequins on display. While the movement was fighting for the models not to be treated as such the models themselves didn’t even mind and some actually disliked the movement. The movement didn’t dislike the models or the competition in truth but they disliked the fact that beauty was the basis to which women were being valued by the society. It just comes to show you that not while there was a clear and obvious problem not everyone could see it or could care enough to because at the end of the day people both male and female do what they feel is the best for themselves.

The members of the cast were magnificent and not just the main cast down to those who played just a minor ole they deliver excellently. You could feel the raw passion and nerve like you were there like Jessie Buckley and Keira Knightley especially. This wasn’t some Twitter battle where keypad warriors go back and forth nowadays and nothing is achieved at the end of the day, here you could see how those set of women from the 70’s showed bravery in trying to change the narrative and those who felt they had no choice were liberated as well.

I really recommend seeing this movie because there are a lot of misconceptions about this very topic and while it might not necessarily change everyone’s worldview about gender equality it might enlighten a few on the problems they might not intentionally cause and how actions of a few can affect the whole.

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