Michael Pearson, an American with a massive yet untraceable drug empire in London decides to cash out. When rumours begin to circulate about his plans various parties start to scheme, lie, plot, bribe and blackmail all in an attempt to not only drop the value but steal his business.


Whew! What a movie, Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant with the performances of a lifetime. I’ve never really been the biggest fan of British movies, besides The Bond franchise and some other blockbusters I’ve always found a lot of their regular or low budget movies to be “mehh” but this movie although it’s production cost 22 million dollars so we can’t really call it low budget was excellent. Besides, if you take into consideration the amount of disappointing releases that have had much larger budgets you appreciate the movie more. The actors and acting, the script, directing and all other aspects of the production were great.

Guy Ritchie really did excellent work with the writing of this script, you don’t really know what to expect as you’re watching. The main character is implied to have been killed in the first scene so your mind is like what else is there to see, but as a person who has seen such a thing in countless movies I knew there was more to it. I don’t want to give too much information about the movie and I feel this is one of those “see it for yourself” movies.

Besides the script the best thing about this movie for me were the actor performances which coincidentally is also one of its flaws, I feel I need to mention Hugh Grant for a second time Charlie Hunnam who we all knew was an excellent actor put in a great shift as usual and Henry Golding should be proud of his performance. Now I want to talk about two more actors Michelle Dockery was magnificent, would it be wrong to say I’m in love with her right now? Then lastly Jeremy Strong wasn’t the person for his role I must say, I wasn’t feeling his performance in his role. He didn’t seem composed enough and looked like he was “overacting”.

Well I think overall, I doubt anyone would watch this movie and not be satisfied, the ratings were good but in my opinion they should’ve been higher especially on Metacritic. This is a movie I wished I’d seen on the big screen, certainly didn’t regret watching it I’ll probably watch it again.

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