A group of centuries old mercenaries with an unknown source of immortality have the ability to heal themselves immediately after being wounded. Their secrecy is now being threatened by a scientist who wants to experiment on them and they must fight to not only protect their lives and secret identity but that of a newly discovered immortal.


Potential, so much potential but at the end of the day it’s not quite up to where it could've been but a very good effort nonetheless. The concept was good, the acting was great but the script just came up short in the end. Anyway don’t let that deter you from seeing what is indeed a very good movie. To be honest I personally felt that with some script and screenplay adjustments it would’ve gotten to that “one of the best movies” tier.

Charlize Theron dazzles us once again with some first class acting, she was actually my major attraction to the movie and she did not disappoint me, does she ever though? Chiwetel Ejiofor was also very good, Matthias Schoenaerts wasn’t bad all either. But their new member played by Kiki Layne and the bad guy played by Harry Melling were not as good, sorry to say they were both overacting especially the bad guy it made him seem cartoonish. I felt that the villain should’ve been more layered because he had a bit of a good cause. Yes, he wanted to make money of it but he still did want to find a way to share the immortality. As for Kiki Layne while she did well some of her scenes make you want to cringe at times. As for the fight scenes they were great but the throwback clips of their ancient wars were not good at all, it made it seem like I was watching a cheap movie made for TV. I think the set location and costume designers failed in those few throwback clips.

As for the plot I won’t be too harsh on it because it was adopted from the comics but with such a concept they could’ve or should’ve done a better job. At the early stages of the movie its engaging because you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen, but after that they make it a little cliché and predictable once you're about midway through. The dialogues become a bit tacky, there are some plot holes and unanswered questions. The other two members of the crew don’t develop and are interchangeable like it was the same person acting the two roles. The movie was over 2 hours long I think they could’ve afforded to give more vital information, they just drop this immortality bomb and leave it there like it’s a normal thing.

Finally, I know some might be wondering why this review has been more critical than positive but has a very decent rating, well the answer is it was a good movie with a great concept and potential but if they had been able to execute that concept to perfection it would have been a breathtaking movie. Also, with the way the movie is set up there’s obviously plans for a sequel so I think if all that has been highlighted can be fixed then we might have something very wonderful on our hands. I saw some polls comparing this movie to Extraction and it might just be my opinion but I think The Old guard is a better movie.

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