When Queen Poppy and Branch discover that there are six unique troll tribes  rock, funk, country, classical, techno and pop in six separate lands, they set out on a daring mission to try and unite all the tribes to live in harmony. But Barb queen of the Rockers has other ideas as she is on a mission to turn the five other tribes to Rock trolls.


The story-line was very shallow and predictable in this movie and for an animation that was supposed to be for people of all ages they should’ve done a way better job. I think the 2016 prequel Trolls was genuinely better. Maybe your between 4 to 8-year-old sibling might like it because it’s colourful and has a lot of songs but it is just an “okay” animation. Also, for animation that cost reportedly somewhere between 90-110 million USD you have to wonder where the rest of the money is because I don’t want be believe they spent it all on this.

For what it’s worth everything is not all bad with the movie, the voice acting was great with familiar voices and nice accents. The musical element of each tribe too was quite spot on and with every tribe portrayed with features that relate to their musical culture. Also the songs were very nice with a lot of covers to some classics but it also had a side effect because they wanted like 20 songs on it so they could sell soundtracks. While this is a great initiative, nowadays I feel like studios are too concerned with the commercial return of soundtrack sales. Not only in this movie but others, animations especially tend to favour album sales over storytelling.

The story is supposed to be the most essential part of every movie and they probably forgot because the writing was very lazy. It was like they were in a hurry and the script was written over the weekend, this movie had all the qualities of being magnificent. The aesthetics, sound, acting and concept were spot on but the vital cog that was supposed to hold it all in place was the story and unfortunately it was subpar. The writers couldn’t even figure out if they wanted individuality or unity.

Lastly, a quick Google search of “Pop” will tell you nearly every genre that was shown in this movie is under or a part of Pop music as a matter of fact Pop music has stylistic origins from Rock music. So even down to the basic premise of this movie’s plot there are flaws. If they wanted to make a children’s movie there would’ve been no complaints as long as it keeps them busy but it was a major release for all ages. Anyway, I love music a lot and some might say it’s probably why I’m overthinking it, they could be right but the job of those making the movie is to “overthink” so I don’t have any reason to.

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