EMMA. (2020)

Emma Woodhouse is a young lady who has a hobby of matchmaking her friends and family in a rather selfish and often meddlesome manner. Adapted from the book Emma: A novel in three volumes, this movie is set in England in the 1800’s.


Visually stunning! This movie is a beautiful depiction of Jane Austen’s very popular novel. This is in fact the third incarnation of the novel, the first being Gwyneth Paltrow’s 90’s movie where she starred as Emma and the BBC miniseries both of which I’ve not seen but I can tell you that the third movie is definitely a good one. Have you ever been in a love triangle? If yes, then try to imagine a love hexagon. For those who haven’t been in a love triangle don’t worry cause even those who have are probably having a hard time trying to imagine it.

Well, Emma is very beautiful to watch with a very stylistic look about it and I must say the photography was sublime. If you’ve read my review before you know the story or plot is a very important thing for me and I value that more than then anything even more than acting or aesthetics but the visuals of this movie are what blew me away before anything else. Don’t get me wrong though the storyline was very good but I won’t dwell on that or give too much praise in that regard because it was adapted.

As for actor performances and casting I think this was another plus point for this movie with a cast so broad I can name call everyone but I must say they all did well. The titular character was played by Anya Taylor-Joy, well she is one of the best young actresses in present times. She is usually in horror or dark movies like ‘Glass’, ‘Thoroughbreds’ and ‘The Witch’ but she did excellently here, some say she gave Gwyneth Paltrow a run for her money while I can’t judge because I haven’t seen that version, I can say is I’ve become one of her biggest fans and I finally have a good reason to see the upcoming X-Men movie ‘The New Mutants’ which she’ll be starring in. Johnny Flynn and Mia Goth also do very well, it was also nice to see Sex Education cast members Tanya Reynolds who was excellent as usual and Conor Swindells who didn’t really play a major role but was good as well.

Before seeing this movie I saw some mixed reviews and one thing I try to do before I see any movie is to cast expectation aside. That’s the only way to really be objective about any movie especially one that is adapted from a book or has a previous version, some people tend be sentimental towards the earlier versions. From the comments a lot of the people who didn’t really like it are “the book is way better” people. Some other people who also read the book admitted that the book while being very good was also quite tedious to read and appreciated the fact that they could squeeze all that into a two-hour long movie.

Finally, for me this movie is thoroughly engaging and most people will definitely like it. It might not be your usual kind of movie it certainly isn’t but it did put me on a rollercoaster for almost the whole span of the movie. At a point you’re not sure who you think will end up with who again and if you pay enough attention then you’re in for a treat.

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