Gabriela’s world is rocked when the design firm she works for folds and she breaks up with her boyfriend. Not long after she wins an essay competition and is now the owner of an inn located in New Zealand, where she travels to only to find the inn in very bad condition. She also meets local contractor Jake Taylor and romance starts brewing.


Corny, cheesy, cliché, cringy and predictable are the key words in this Rom-com, from a fair way out you can see how it all plays out and I was hoping they’d surprise me but sadly they didn’t. I don’t think I’ve ever cringed so much while watching a movie as I did while seeing this one, I mean I love romantic comedies like a lot of people and I know that there are a lot of them, like it should be one of the most populated genre of movies hence there a lot of poor one but this one is genuinely poor.

From the script to the acting and even the screenplay was not very good. First red flag was the pacing of the earlier scenes like we move from preparing for a presentation, being turned down by her boss, going on a date, the company folding, her breakup, she pining over her breakup, writing an essay, giving her friend her house and flying to New Zealand in the space of just about 10 minutes. Which was an important part of the movie but a lot of screen time is wasted on scenes that are inconsequential. You know initially I thought this was just another poorly produced movie only for me to check later on and see that it was funded by Netflix, I’m still wondering how that happened.

On the subject of acting well I’ve seen only fewer movies with worse actor performances the lead actress Christina Milian sorry to say but she did not do well, she was very annoying and was doing a lot of overacting. Adam Demos who played her love interest did barely okay and there was no chemistry between the two of them. Same goes for the rest of the supporting cast who are easily forgettable. The only exception being probably Claire Chitham who was just above average and I’m inclined to agree with those who say the best performance in the movie was probably from the goat.

I don’t like cheesy and cliché stories but I can manage if other aspects are okay, I’ve reviewed quite a few with better rating but there’s a fine line between cheesy and lazy well it’s safe to say they crossed that line. I know there are some that like cheesy and hopeless romantic movies but I’m sure even they would cringe at some scenes because they were difficult to watch.

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