GOOD BOYS (2019)

Max and his two best friends have been invited to their first kissing party, but they’re faced with a major problem because they do not know how to kiss. Their memorable day turns into a nightmare as their search for answers leads them for one misadventure to another.


This movie is genuinely hilarious and it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while and I really enjoyed almost every minute of it. Some of the older audiences might not like some scenes because they’re kind of inappropriate. Unsurprisingly, the main argument against this movie is the “normalization” of “outrageous” teen behaviour but if we’re being honest this movie is a genuine depiction of most children’s sexual curiosity when they’re approaching their teens. It is very similar to 2007 hit movie Superbad which Seth Rogen starred in and like this movie  was part of the production.

It is a comedy which means it puts a funny spin on things even serious matter but this movie does not glorify inappropriate behavior in any way because you can see the childish innocence in what they do. Also, a movie can’t just turn your child in a pervert overnight, besides who lets their little kid see R-rated movies anyway? Especially one that Seth Rogen is a producer.

It had quite an interesting story especially for a middle school movie, it wasn’t stupid like a lot of kid’s comedy. The humour was genuine and the jokes were well thought-out. You had a sense of where the story was heading but you didn’t actually see the end from far away like a lot of movies especially comedies. Also, I like how the ending wasn’t all perfect, because as we all know life isn’t perfect. In general, there’s a realistic feeling to this like it is a series of events that could actually happen.

As for the cast I think the three boys do an amazing job especially Keith L. Williams from The Last Man On Earth. Brady Noon and Jacob Tremblay also do well, so do Molly Gordon and Midori Francis. It was also nice to see Will Forte from the Last Man On Earth also, although in a minor role. I would’ve really liked if they had given him more screen time but he did an excellent job in the few scenes he played though. Comedy stars Lil Rey Howery, Retta and Stephen Merchant also put in great shifts in similar minor roles.

I recommend this movie for everyone but if you have a judgey parent or elderly one like that aunt that complains about everything then you might want to see it alone. Also, no kids younger than 15 I guess so no one blames you for ruining their kid’s life or something. It’s a very funny movie though one of the most genuine “comedy” movies of recent.

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