Max is teenage boy who is forced to cover his face at all times because he has a lethally attractive face. That is until he meets Alex, a girl with her own bizarre heart condition and they both form the unlikeliest of bonds.


A very unique movie and it was surprisingly better than I expected. A very well written story and while it is under the umbrella of Romance/Comedy it is very different from a lot of movies in that category. The romance is very distinct and it contains more of dark humour than regular comedy. The story is very fictional but the movie seems very realistic, it gives you that feeling of “could there be someone like this in real life?”.

What I loved most about this movie is that it doesn’t fall into the hole of clich├ęs that similar movies fail to avoid. I’ve said before in past reviews and I want to reiterate, the genre of Romantic-Comedy or Rom-Com is very washed up because most times it’s like you’re watching the same movie with different actors. But once in a while there are some movies with a good enough story to make me think maybe just maybe, the genre still has something to offer and this movie is definitely one of those movies. The subject matter is quite serious but it is well balanced out with very humorous interactions between characters.

The cast of this movie are great also Julia Goldani Telles was exquisite in her role, she was the main provider of the dark humour in the movie and she seemed very comfortable in said role. I want to say something and it might just be me but the way Brandon Flynn plays his role in this movie of the handsome guy (although he can’t show his face) who is awkward and uncomfortable in very believable way that is quite similar to the way James Franco does in many of his roles. The chemistry between the two of them was very good though and the rest of the supporting cast were not bad either.

In all I do believe Looks That Kill is a very enjoyable movie, it is very heartwarming and it makes you happy and sad at the same time. Also, I feel it didn’t get enough recognition probably because it was released by a small company, if it were a Netflix or Disney movie it would have definitely had more promo and the recognition it deserves, speculations aside it is a great movie and a reminder to other seemingly smaller movie companies that you don’t need to have a large budget to make great movies.

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