The Ruler of the future charges Best friends Bill and Ted with the task of composing the song that will save all of life as we know it. But now they’ve decided to steal said song from their futures selves by travelling through time. Meanwhile, both their daughters Billie and Thea are also on a journey through time to help their fathers bring harmony to the universe.


It’s with immense sadness in my heart that I say a cast of Keanu Reeves, Kristen Schaal, Samara Weaving and Kid Cudi to name a few could only try their best weren’t really enough to save this movie. This was one of the movies I was really looking forward to this year and it was one of those movies releases that wouldn’t really make much noise and I’d have to start telling people around me how good it was, but unfortunately it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong anyway, it wasn’t a bad movie by any stretch and it is definitely watchable.

The biggest letdown with this movie was the plot, the storyline was not only messy but utterly bland. This was supposed to be a comedy, I can’t even recall laughing twice while seeing this movie. Also, it was as if they were trying to reboot the whole thing and at the same time they weren’t because if you’ve seen the first two prequels from almost three decades ago much of the prophecy has changed. Like Rufus clearly stated that it was the Wylde Stallyn’s that would save the world with their music and their wives were a part of that band not that Preston/Logan would save the world with a song. Again, little Bill and ted were boys now they’re girls, the idea of Hollywood just shoving female character to be leads in most reboots and sequels is becoming quite annoying, if you want female characters as leads it should be done properly. Also Bill and Ted both the present and future ones are manipulative and evil at times but they aren’t at all going by the previous movies.

In the area of casting and actor performances I have mixed feeling to be honest. The Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter who previously played Bill and Ted in both the 1989 and 1991 sequels are quite different actors right now. More emphasis on Keanu, he’s a great actor one of the all-time greats but this was no longer his role, he seemed very (it pains me to say this but) lifeless. If I hadn’t seen him act a minor role in last year’s brilliant comedy Always be my Maybe I would have said he’s no longer a comedy actor but he did very well in that movie.

I know I’ve been quite critical of this movie from the beginning of this review it’s just because I was really disappointed if I’m being honest but like I’ve said before it wasn’t a terrible movie. At the end of the day it’s just my opinion though and I don’t have the final say when it comes to what you should or shouldn’t watch but I don’t think I’ll be revisiting this movie anytime soon.

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