SCHITT’S CREEK (2015 - 2020)

6 Seasons

Schitt’s Creek is the new home of The Rose family – a once very wealthy family comprising of Father Johnny who was a video store magnate and mother Moira who was a star in a soap opera as well as two spoiled kids David and Alexis. After their business manager ran away with every penny they had and all their properties were seized the only property they were left with was a small town (Schitt’s Creek) which they bought a few years ago as a joke. They relocate to this new town they now call home leaving their over pampered lives behind them with the hope of quickly selling the town and returning to their old lives. They soon find out that selling the town might not be as easy as they first thought.


FUN FACT: Father and son Johnny and David Played by Eugene and Daniel Levy are actually father and son in real life as well as co-creating the show. Waitress Twyla Sands played by Sarah Levy is also their daughter and sister respectively in real life.

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