The Millions is the story of a group of con artists on a mission to steal a very huge amount of money from a heavily guarded residence. This team of con artistes must trust each other for the mission to be successful but will they?


Without mincing words this is the first Nollywood movie I’ve willingly seen in over three years and I must say we have really come a long way. While I was younger I enjoyed a lot of our comedies during the era of the late Sam Loco Efe, Nkem Owoh, John Okafor and the likes. After a while the Nollywood market became saturated with wicked stepmothers and evil forest kind of movies and I think it’s at that point I mostly lost interest, especially compared to how good foreign movies were. I’ve been hearing for a few years that our movies are now way better and after I saw this movie and some other ones that I’ll be reviewing soon after I can say first hand that it is indeed true and we are surely on the right track.

The story of this movie was quit good actually, it’s a pretty decent script with a couple of unexpected twists. From what I could see a lot of influences of foreign movies which is not a bad way to go at all with the special blend of humor that only we in Nigeria can offer. It was funny, lively and it kept my attention going for most parts. I really liked the reality of the situation, everyone involved in the heist had a very good reason to take the risk. Not like I’m saying there are excuses for becoming a criminal but they managed to give a good background as to why most of the people involved would risk their lives like that. My only problem was why keep such an amount of money in a compound that is very visible from the outside, plus the amount of security in and around the building would be an obvious indication that there was something valuable that was being protected. Why not just get a small flat in a secluded area, with high fences and security cameras in the room where such an outrageous amount of money is being kept? Anyway, no movie is perfect and if it had happened like that there would be no movie to begin with.

On the subject of casting I’ve always been a fan of Ramsey Nouah and he didn’t disappoint me at all, might even say he was better than I remember. Blossom Chukwujekwu was so hilarious as well as Ayo Makun who gave a few laughs. Nancy Isime was spectacular as usual, I’ve always been a fan also. I think nearly everyone in the main cast and supporting cast do very well in their respective roles. There was also very good character development and a seemingly strong adherence to a well-written script unlike some of our back in the day movies that just seemed to be great actors freestyling on most of the dialogues while the supporting actors would have the acting skills of a robot.

Finally, I think this was a very enjoyable movie and after seeing it I didn’t really have any major complaints. This movie was definitely an indication that Nollywood have evolved in the positive direction and I wouldn’t be surprising if we have an international blockbuster in the coming years. I will definitely be on the lookout for the latest Nollywood movies and while this is the first Nollywood review be sure to expect more in the near future, especially those on Netflix because they’re more accessible.


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