Your Excellency is a movie about Chief Olalekan Ajadi – A billionaire obsessed with Donald Trump whose presidential aspirations have failed multiple times before but is set to have another go. Just as it seemed like his campaign was headed for another disaster a major party offers him candidacy with the hope of exploiting his wealth and funding another candidate but he ends up being a major contender with a lot of help from social media.


This was a fairly enjoyable movie with a quite a few laughs here and there. It has its cringe moments but the older audience might enjoy it a lot. I recently started Nollywood reviews and the few I’ve seen so far have been quite good this one included. And while this movie might have its moments it does fall short in some aspects.

In terms of storytelling, the plot was fine. Each of the minor arcs were quite interesting but the tie-ins were a bit lacking. This movie had a runtime of two hours which in my opinion was a bit too long seeing as there were some scenes that were either wasted too much time or not really necessary. If the script had been more compact by cutting off some of those filler scenes and over extended dialogues they’d have been able to cut out like 30 minutes and come out with a more compact and direct movie. For what it’s worth though it keeps you interested in most parts.

The best aspect of this movie was the casting, while it was quite a large cast it was star-studded and almost all of them live up to the billing. I can’t start calling names because the stars were so many but some of the honourable mentions are Akin Lewis, Funke Akindele, Eku Edewor, Osas Ighodaro and Shafy Bello. Those to me were among the best of a very star studded cast of not only actors but singers, presenters and so on.

Finally, you should definitely give this movie a try. It was quite enjoyable with a lot of familiar faces and great acting. It is very watchable with a lot of humour and an inside look at some of the antics of the antics of the political game as well as the powerful tool social media is and how it can make or break anyone no matter if their intentions are good or not.

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