Enola Holmes wakes up on the morning of her 16th birthday and discovers that her mother has gone missing. She decides to do some detective work like her famous elder brother Sherlock, whom she brilliantly outwits. While on the quest to find her missing mother she comes across a mysterious young Lord and unravels a very dangerous conspiracy involving him.


When you see the names “Holmes” quite a number of movies come to mind, from the Robert Downey Jr. 2009 and 2011 movies to Benedict Cumberbatch’s BBC series but this particular one not only rewrites history but views it from a very different perspective. Not that of a brilliant but eccentric young man who enjoys the thrill but that of an equally smart and quite inquisitive teenage girl who not only wants answers but genuinely wants to help. I really enjoyed this movie, especially for a Netflix movie the story was quite well thought out.

The plot of this movie was quite solid and well written, I liked how innovative it was because at this point making just another Sherlock Holmes movie would be quite lazy. Also, I liked how they didn’t make Enola Sherlock Holmes’ daughter, the sister angle makes a lot of sense unlike the usual Father-Daughter path writers usually takes. This way a prequel with both of them would be really feasible and appealing. Also, they did a great job of making her solely the main character and most of the story is from her perspective because a lot of times when there’s a female lead and there’s a popular actor playing a familiar character like Sherlock Holmes it ends up being somewhat of a shared movie. Finally, I like how the intellectual distribution among the characters another annoying thing about Hollywood writers and female leads is in a bid to should I say “empower women” they tend to make the female leads smart and the males dumb as a rock but here Enola beats her Elder brother to the punch and saves a young Lord but they don’t put both those characters down to raise Bobbie Brown’s character up.

Having not seen Stranger Things (probably the only person in the world) I really didn’t really know much about Millie Bobbie Brown’s acting, but she does do much in this movie to suggest that there might just be much truth to Hollywood craze around the young actress. When I saw that Henry Cavill would be playing Sherlock Holmes I’ll be honest I had skepticism about seeing this movie. I must admit I’m not his biggest fan, nevertheless he’s a good actor no doubt. In this movie he plays a very cool and calm Sherlock Holmes and maybe if this was the first time I was seeing him I definitely would definitely be “pro-Cavill” he did sway me in that direction with his performance though. Sam Claflin was exquisite in his role, probably the most well played character in the movie. Burn Gorman played that silent assassin that I’ve seen him play countless times but I’m never tired off, does the man even age? Time and space would not permit me to talk about all of the cast but the casting crew did a great job.

 That pretty much wraps up my take on this movie, I think it was one of the few current Netflix originals that actually impressed me. It seems like they took their time with this one and hopefully they continue like that with future movies because a lot of them seem a bit rushed these days. I think it was a very good movie and I probably would give a second watch later on. Also, if they are planning a sequel because it seems like they might be judging from how the movie ended I would definitely be excited to see that as well.

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