Anyone who follows this blog on a regular basis knows that we love to pitch theories and unfortunately the pandemic has stuck around long enough for us not to find out how much of said theories are hit or miss. But the folks at Disney have been very busy in recent weeks with feeding our thirst for more theories, our recent subject is the trailer release of video game world action comedy Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds.

Disney owned 20th Century Fox released the trailer for Free Guy hopefully hitting the theatres on December 9th. Also, reports all over Hollywood suggests that he has also penned down the most lucrative deal in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) because he’s expected to reprise his role as Deadpool but now in the main Marvel Universe because the rights to the character has returned to Marvel Studios due to the Disney-Fox merger and I have reasons to believe there are already clues foreshadowing this.

First off I’m going to breakdown just a few interesting clues from the trailer then I’m going to tell you how it might all connect to the MCU.

Molotov Girl and Blu Shirt Guy (L - R)

In this movie Ryan Reynolds plays “Blue Shirt Guy” in a video game world, he is basically a bank teller and non-playable character in a game named “Free City” based on popular games like Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite, also Guy respawns in a loop whenever he dies. Everything changes when he meets Molotov girl (played by Jody Comer) who is the Avatar of Millie (also played by Comer). Millie is a coder for Free City alongside Keys (played by Joe Keary) and they both work for Antoine (played by Taika Watiti) and it seems that a kiss between Guy and Millie sparks some AI sentience into Guy which causes the game to break as Guy begins to fight back against players who try to rob his Bank for in-game loot.

Millie and Keys (L - R)

One fun detail here is the man with his hands in the air during the bank heist is seen in other scenes with his arms still in the air it is probably because Guy stopped the robbery due to his awakening causing the game to have minor glitches like the man’s hands stuck in the air because the heist was never completed (Gamers will understand what I mean. In another shot there are wanted signs for some kids, it might be for kids not yet old enough to play this game because in a later shot we see a fake ID store easily missable in the background and it might be that it’s through that fake ID store this kids are able to get into the game.

In a POV (Point of View) a screen displaying Guy’s stats and abilities, hilariously his main move is the “harmless slap”. He also has very little power which is normal for a non-playable character but lots of stamina and his weapons include a paperclip, receipt (from his teller job) and a Metropass (for him to use trains and buses). Another shot shows a character outside the coffee shop slamming himself into a barrier repeatedly, this is for sure another evidence of the glitch I was talking about earlier. We never actually see guy use a weapon of his own in this trailer he kills the bank robber mistakenly with his own weapon, holds a gun disgustfully and uses mostly vehicles and vehicle parts like the steering wheel to attack others.

Now down to the connections between this movie, Deadpool and the MCU

Director of Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Watiti who also played Korg in that same movie is appearing as Antoinne in this movie and if you remember that fat Thor scene in Avengers: Endgame Korg is also the one that complains to Thor that someone is bullying him in a video game named “Noobmaster69” and Thot goes on to threaten this person via headphones. Knowing the meaning of those two digits many have speculated that the only character that is likely to use such a username in the MCU is Deadpool because of his R-rated sense of humor. And it could be that Blue shirt Guy played by Ryan Reynolds is in-game Avatar of Wade Wilson (Deadpool) who is also played by Ryan Reynolds in the video game Free City and he might be revealed in this or a future MCU movie as the person behind the username Noobmaster69.

Korg and Taika Watiti (L - R)

I know it sounds like reaching but you don’t invest so much in an actor if you don’t have big plans for him in the future. Also, the Disney corporation do own Fox so they wouldn’t need any payments or clearance to do such a thing. So just imagine even a Free Guy post credit scene featuring deadpool, it would be jaw dropping.

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