In their senior year best friends Annie, Kayla, Michelle and Stephanie make a pact to find the perfect guys for them by Homecoming.


This movie is stain to the American Pie franchise. I don’t get Hollywood’s obsession with making reboots or spin offs of movies with an all-female cast. Their bid to empower women has turned to festival of shoving female leads into decades old franchises and producing mediocre movies. Apart from say Ocean’s 8 this tactic has yet to yield positive results. Even normal reboots are more miss than hit, gender swapping even worsens the problem for the female cast because some people blame them for these reboots not being as good as the originals. Why not put as much effort in these movies as they did the previous ones or better still make great all-female originals or female led originals?

As someone that has seen al 8 previous American Pie movies before this one I was really hyped when I found out there was a new spin off. Sadly, the plot of this movie was so predictable and unoriginal. I don’t know what the producers were thinking because they basically remade the first American Pie movie in a more recent time but with female leads. If you’re going to make a spin off to such a popular franchise as this you should at least have a solid storyline to compel fans of the originals and prequels to also like the new movie as well. Something Oceans 8 did excellently well but they woefully failed to do so in this movie. Maybe I’m just overreacting because I’ve seen the originals but even if this was your first American Pie movie I highly doubt you’d really like it.

The area of casting is one of the few manageable aspects of the movie, some members of the cast produce quite decent performances in that regard but sadly it isn’t enough to save the movie from delving into mediocrity. Sara Rue and Natasha Behnam particularly catch the eye with most of the very few funny scenes in the movie. There’s really not much to say in terms of acting as the script had already condemned this movie to start with.

I think Hollywood should stop trying to force the message of feminism with mediocre movies in popular franchises and actually put in an effort in making female led movies enjoyable because if it continues like this people will start avoiding movies with a female led cast whether they’re good or not. We’ve seen this thing fail in other popular franchises like 2016’s Ghostbusters and last year’s Terminator Dark Fate and personally I feel like this new trend needs to stop, once again I think others can learn from what the Ocean’s franchise did with Ocean’s 8. Don’t get me wrong, previous American Pie movies were not winning any accolades but they were very enjoyable.

Also, this movie was only R-rated to attract viewers it was basically PG-13, the whole idea behind the franchise was to make R-rated comedies. This Mike Elliot directed American Pie should be forgotten and hopefully the franchise can bounce back from this.

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