After numerous failed dating attempts Nick decides to sue his dating app "Love, Guaranteed" after they promised he’d find love before attempting a thousand dates. After he actually goes on 1,000 dates he hires Susan, a lawyer from a small firm and romance starts brewing.


I actually saw this movie because of Damon Wayans Jr., been a fan since I saw him in the TV show “New Girl”. As far as this movie goes it’s definitely watchable, not my cup of tea though because it was very cheesy and cliché but for those that enjoy cheesy rom-coms this is definitely right down their alley.

As far as the story goes I have to applaud them for the quite imaginative concept, the execution on the other hand left a lot to be desired. They had a nice idea and with a great writer they could’ve made a way better movie. A lot of scenes where just like filler and some of the jokes were not really hitting and most importantly the ending was very clumsy. The writers had a very good premise, they also knew where they wanted to go with the story but getting there was the major problem with the script.

On the aspect of casting and actor performances I feel they did a good job, Damon Wayans did well as usual, Lisa Durupt and Sean Amsing who play Susan’s co-workers Denise and Roberto provide quite a few laughable moments. But I wasn’t really feeling Rachael Leigh Cook’s performance in her role as Denise. This was the first movie I really took note of her and I don’t think I’ve seen her movie before, while I’m sure she’s a great actress I don’t think the roles suits her well. She overacts some scenes and there wasn’t really much chemistry between her and Damon Wayan Jr.

Not a bad movie overall, could’ve been better because they had a great ides but then again it is a Netflix movie they tend to prioritise quantity over quality. It’s one those “Netflix n chill” movies and I think cheesy rom-com lovers will find it very likeable.

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