Hubie Dubois is a nice and good natured man who I devoted to his little hometown of Salem and its Halloween practices but despite his devotion to the town he is subject of pranks and mockery among kids and adults alike. On the night of Halloween, he finds himself in the middle of a very serious investigation as people mysteriously start to go missing.


Adam Sandler is back again and this time in a Halloween comedy that’s actually watchable unlike the others I also saw. I’m a big fan of his so there was no hesitation at all before seeing this movie and I guess it’s safe to say I wasn’t actually disappointed.

The plot was quite nice nothing too fancy but it had a nice twist at the end which I really liked. It starred Adam Sandler, Tim Meadows, Kenan Thompson, Kevin James so you can expect quite a few laughs, I liked the general tempo of the movie which starts off really light and at some point feels like it wants to go very dark and come back up to light again. In all it was not a bad script, it did keep me entertained for the most parts.

As for the casting and actor performances you have a cast of Julie Bowen, Rob Schneider, Maya Rudolph can do no wrong acting wise. Most of the criticism towards this movie was Adam Sandler’s character’s accent, he was bending his lips in a kinda funny way so it was giving him a kind of “child who’s just learning how to talk” accent. Me personally it really didn’t bother me and I appreciated him at least trying to put an effort in doing something different (maybe I’m just a big fan of the guy though) but then again when has an Adam Sandler movie not faced criticism? Another man I’m a big fan of is NBA all of famer Shaquille “Big Shaq” O’Neal also has a great cameo the second time in about a year and Ex-NBA superstar has featured in a movie starring Adam Sandler as Kevin Garnett also played a major role in the Adam Sandler starring Uncut Gems (December 2019). As for the rest of the cast they do expectedly well, space will not permit me to talk about all their great individual performances.

I guess that’s all of the major details that do not contain any major spoilers, I think most people might like this movie. Like I said earlier it isn’t winning any awards but it is a very watchable movie.

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