Kevin Hart returns with his latest Home-based special as he promises a very unique experience at the comfort of his Home


Shot in his very own living room Kevin Hart shares his thoughts and experiences on various issues like friends, his sex life after 40 and life during the COVID-19 pandemic, in what he referred to as a “like no other” having “zero filter” and offering “zero apologies”.

I have question to ask “why the dislike for Kevin Hart?”. The special wasn’t that bad by any means, was it his best or funniest? No, it was not but the reviews were generally unflattering. I'm a huge fan of Kevin Hart but I’ll be the first to say Kevin Hart has gotten kind of lazy as a stand-up comedian which is to be expected because he's a big movie star now but his funny personality and flair for storytelling still makes him one of the most interesting people in the business.

On the other hand, I think his acting career has really taken a hit at his stand up career. He’s still a pretty funny guy he just needs to work more on his material and do more minor stand-up so he can test run some of his jokes. He just seems to freestyle most of the time but as the name of the special suggest he doesn’t really care about all that and just wants to enjoy himself.

Anyway, I still think it was a pretty fine special. This is about the fourth full length Kevin Hart special I’ve seen and I’d definitely see his future ones but I doubt a few others will be as lenient till he starts to actually starts to give more than “zero f**ks” about stand-up once again.

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